Welcome to igloo's (and friends)'s Resources!

This is where igloo(and his friends) store images for things such as Forum Signatures and screenshots.

This is also where things like old code and old game maps can be found.

No links are available to navigate this section at this present time.

If you believe you have a link to Copyrighted material (or other illegal material) that is hosted here, email me using the address igloo at igloo dot to.
I will takedown any material if a proper request is sent (from a legal entity authorized by the content holder or the content holder)
within 5 minutes of receiving and opening the notice (generally within 72 hours; normally within 10 during the business week).

I do my best to keep copyrighted/other materials out, but as per the fact that I'm not the only one using this service nothing can be guaranteed.
I do monthly checks, remove any content that shouldn't be here, and ban the users whom perform such horrible things.
So far, I havn't had a single incident.